Monday, March 7, 2011

Pleasanton Show

The Show went great. I got to see a lot of friends, old and new. My camera battery-charger was acting funny(ie not working), so unfortunately no pics this time.

I got to see an awesome private screening of Mikey Wiers new Soulfish 2 project. It looks amazing and has some killer footage. Its nice to see how Mikey has come along over the last decade, since he started with his first Fisheye movie(mostly an emulation of the snowboarding film format) to where he is now. He really helped develop this new fly fishing film genre, and its been a blast to see him grow as an artist. Plus hes not a jerk, which is important in my book.

I got to hang out with Marc PetitJean from Switzerland. Quite the master of CDC fly tying. Its cool seeing tyers who have developed their own true "style" of fly tying. I think that's definitely a mark of a great tyer. Norm Norlander was also there with his Nor-vise, spinning away. Another great tyer, who developed his own way of doing things. I didn't get to hang with Norm really(he was on the other side of the building), but Marc and I had a grand time talking flies, with him across the aisle from our booth.

Im down in the bay area visiting friends and family this week, apparently I picked up a nasty virus from the show and have been stuck with the flu for the time being, but slowly getting better, although it is a nasty one. Hopefully it leaves me alone long enough that I can actually get to see some friends instead of the inside of a bedroom and nyquil bottles.



  1. I wanted to go to that show soooo bad, but with the storm coming in on Friday, I had to think about the family and my son's family (we both live in the mountains) and they had to come first, so we cancelled. Glad it was a good one. Next year.


  2. you guys going to keep the site up or just let it die? Just wanting to know, 2011 was dead for posts.