Thursday, December 2, 2010


As you folks may have heard, the Reno Fly Shop is closing its doors. We're still going to be running the guide service, but the retail operation after some 30 years will be over in around a month. We're going to be clearing out the inventory so stop by and maybe score some goods while they're here. Thank you to all the people that stopped by the shop over the years, friends and customers alike, (Those lines often blurred.) It was a privilege to help you people with your fly fishing tackle, fly tying, casting, or just sharing stories. We're going to be keeping the same phone number for the guide service, so if you folks ever want to get in touch with any of us, feel free to drop a line.

(775) 825-3474

I'll still periodically post thoughts and nonsense about fishing here, so check by now and then. Here's a little fish porn to soften the blow.

32" Lake Trout from Boca Reservoir. I missed the hook-set and ended up snagging her in the side, so much like the rest of this post, it was a mixture of good a bad feelings. A bittersweet moment, especially considering that she wouldn't revive in the warm, early fall water. I guided her up to the cold inlet and tried to revive her for a half hour, but she kept listing to her side. This was the first fish I cropped in probably 10 years. It broke my heart.