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26" beast caught by Lorin - winter 2010 (source: flyfishinfool)

Sweet picture (just an inkling of the kind of fish Doug pulls in)
caught by Doug Ouellette - winter 2010 (source: flyfishinfool)
27" of beauty.  And I'm not talking about the beard.
caught by Zach Lazarri - winter 2010 (source: flyfishinfool)
I don't know the story behind this one-- but what an absolute
monster even for pyramid

Justin with a big truckee 'bow - october 2010

 Guess I'll have to be the narcissist and post this-- my biggest fish to date:
27.5" Brown caught 9/6/08 on a #12 lightning bug nymph -- BJ

Big truckee cuttbow

Big truckee cuttbow

Huge brown from the truckee on a #14 black burk's aggravator
Caught Aug. 2007: full story Here

Brownzilla (36") from Boca on a Zonker streamer
Caught Aug. 2007: full story Here
29" Nevada Brown...Summer '09