Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't miss this!


Catch and Release Fly Fishing Tournament

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Presented by Nevada Fishing Service, all tournament proceeds will benefit JDRF of Northern Nevada to fund research to find a cure for diabetes and its complications.

$250 fee per person—includes:

- Minimum of four (4) hours of fishing in private trophy lakes

- NY Steak sandwich lunch with keg beer (provided by Blue Ribbon Meat Co. of Sparks) and --Nevada Fishing Service (Shaun Gilbert)
- Great prizes (will be posted at

- Amazing fly fishing — at last year’s tournament a contestant caught 65 fish in one round!

Cast for a Cure will be limited to 30 fly fisherman and will occur at Sand Hill Lakes , located approximately 30 minutes North of Reno. These are private trophy waters operated by Nevada Fishing Service that include Rainbow Trout hybrids up to 16 lbs., Brook Trout up to 3.5 lbs., Brown Trout up to 7 lbs. Largemouth Bass and other large species which will cause even the most experienced fisherman to be challenged!

Sand Hill Lakes at Ross Creek Ranch— 90 Saddle Lane , Reno , 89508

Located 17 miles East on Red Rock Road from 395 off the Red Rock Exit

The tournament includes at least four hours of fly-fishing time; the group will be split into two and will each fish one of two trophy ponds to see who can catch the most fish in two hours. Then, the groups will switch ponds for another two hours. At the end of the four hours, the eight fishermen that caught the most fish will advance to a third round for another two hours to again battle for quantity of fish caught. At this time, eliminated fisherman can buy in to keep fishing for $100. The final round will consist of the top four quantity winners, who will compete for the largest catch.

Official tournament rules and information will be posted at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Little Truckee

Don't forget to check out the reports tab from time to time to see how things are fishing in the area. And take a look at this beautiful trout from the little truckee so you can wish you were fishing while sitting in your cubicle all day (ok maybe that's just me...):

This is Mike who got into some fish this last weekend on the little truckee with Dan the man Lecount:

-- BJ

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Skwala Dry Fly

Here's another pattern from Dan Lecount for those springtime skwallas. In these high, turbid water conditions, this is a good bet to cast to a rising fish -- or any time there are a lot of skwalla stoneflies hanging around :-) Come in to the fly shop and talk to Dan about his flies and stock up on the materials to tie them!

Springtime Skwala Dry
(by Dan Lecount):
thread: yellow 3/0
hook: standard dry fly hook #6-10
Egg Sac: black 2mm foam
body dubbing: Olive & brown dubbing blend
body foam: 2mm brown foam
ribbing: yellow 3/0
Wing: web wing (or other wing material) +
natural grey deer or elk hair
Head: bullet style head with brown deer hair
coated with head cement at the end
Antennae: 2 deer hair fibers pulled out
Legs: standard brown rubberlegs
Site Dot: Any brightly colored foam

Here's the underside of a skwala-- think it's a close enough match? I'm going to say the fish will be surprised when they eat one and it has a hook:

--photos & post by Brian J.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hero Shot - how to shake the skunk

Having been skunked 3 times in a row at pyramid Jim (below) shows us how to shake the skunk with this 30", 11.5 lb beast. He was using an 8wt with a shooting head and throwing an olive bugger with a purple beetle dropper-- the fish took the dropper... but really I think it was persistence that caught this fish:

Awesome fish Jim.

Any more? send pics to

--Posted by Brian J.