June 22, 2010

Truckee River
Although the river is still pretty high below Hirschdale, the flows between Truckee and Boca Bridge have been really good.
Upper Section (Town of Truckee to Boca Bridge)
Flows are anywhere from 275 CFS to about 450 CFs depending on which stretch you are on. The fish have been very active. Nymphing and streamer fishing has been good. There has been some bug activity during the day and even some in the evenings but the best hatches are still down river. Gonga’s, Bandit Leaches, Articulated Fathead’s and big Muddler Minnows are all working well. For best results a short sink tip line is recommended for streamer fishing.
Lower Section (Boca Bridge to Reno)
The flows are in the 800 CFS range in this section. It is fishable but still really high. The fish are pretty much up against the banks trying to stay out of the current. This is actually a good thing for two reasons. First – you don’t have to do much wading which is really almost impossible anyway and second – the fish are podded up in slower running water against the bank. The best way to attack this area is to use nymphs under an indicator or a dry dropper set-up. Czech nymphing or short line nymphing is also worth a try. The evening caddis and little yellow stone hatch are starting on the lower river and should be working its way up river as the flows come down. Flies to try are Golden Stones, Green Drakes, Caddis nymphs, Little Yellow Stones and just about any beadhead nymph in size 12 to 18. Make sure you use some split shot to help get your flies down.

Little Truckee River
Flows are at 40 CFS and holding. Unfortunately this is a little low for this time of year but Stampede Res. Is low and could affect the flows for a while. The fishing has been good but fishing pressure will play a part very soon. The PMD’s are starting to show and should really get going over the next few weeks. There has been a green drake sighting and they could also pop soon. The best results have still been for those who are using small nymphs in size 16 to 22. Mainly PMD patterns, Baetis patterns and Midges. With the water this low a dry dropper set up can be really affective.

East Walker River
Flows are up to 209 CFS. Those are Very fishable flows for this time of year. The best reports seem to be coming from the California side as of late. Nymphing with caddis, pmd’s, midges and smaller nymphs in size 16-20 have been doing well. Tossing around a big dry fly with or without a dropper is also worth a try. Normally this time of year is when you can get some fish to come up to a big Turk’s Tarantula or a Stone Dead Stone. The higher flows make the river hard to cross but it should help to keep the water a little cooler as we get closer to summer

East Carson River
Flows are at 1100 CFS. They are yo-yoing up and down pretty good with the snow melt still. It should not be long until they get down to fishable levels so keep an eye on the flows and look for them to come down rapidly over the next few weeks. Fishable levels are anything from 650 CFS down to about 50 CFS.

Davis Lake
Davis is getting off to a slow start due to the exceptionally long winter. The Damsel hatch is usually in full swing by now but it is still a little early. Warmer weather this week should get things going for sure. Blood Midges continue to be the way to go. They can be fished under an indicator in 4 to 10 feet of water or just stripped in really slow. Fish are also being caught on Damsels but mostly in deeper water so far.  Keep an eye on the reports the damsel thing could start any day.

Frenchman’s Reservoir
The conditions are about perfect at Frenchman’s. The fish are very active and lots of fish are being caught. If you get a day when the wind does not blow there are even fish being caught on the surface. Nymphing with big midge patterns and small Bead Nymphs in about 6 to 8 feet of water is working well. Stripping Sheep Creek Specials with an intermediate line in 6 to 10 feet of water is also working. If the wind calms down the fish can be caught on a variety of things including Loco Ants on the surface.

Pyramid Lake
Pyramid closes to trout fishing on June 30th. There is still a few more days for the diehard Pyramid fishermen. The most recent reports have been really good. The fish are still cruising in shallow water and have been pretty active for the nymph fishermen. The only set back is finding a beach that is a little less noisy due to the jet skiers. Monument, Spider, Blockhouse and Wino are good places to start.

Lassen Meadows Ranch
The first group of the year just reported in with 70 fish over two days for three fishermen. Fish were eating everything in sight. Callabaetis nymphs and Copper Wooly Buggers with an intermediate line. Mid day the fish did go a little deeper and required a little faster sinking line. There is plenty of availability between now and the end of July and then again in September and early October.

Smith Creek Ranch
The Callabaetis are out in force.  The weather has finally warmed up and the bugs are happy. The hatch has been starting about 9:30 am and goes until late lunch time depending on the wind. Callabaetis dries and emergers have been catching a bunch of fish. Nymphing with a floating line in the shallow end or an intermediate line on the dam side has also been working. After the hatch is over Wooly Buggers, Sheep Creek’s etc. have been catching fish in deeper water with a faster sinking line. Late June and July should be awesome. There is plenty of space available.

For more information on any of these or other local fishing destinations give us a call or send us an email.