Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pyramid Flies

I'm tying Pyramid flies for Ace Mountain Hardware in Truckee, CA. Stefan McLeod used to be the shop Pyramid bug tyer but hes been pretty busy with his other responsibilities so Ive kind of taken over the role. Pyramid style woolies, beetles, tadpoles and nymphs in some of the best colors are in the bins. Come grab some if you don't have the time to tie your own. I can also do custom orders if people need. See you on the water,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lower Yuba

Had a fun float on the lower Yuba yesterday. Got on the oars for a while so my friend could cast skwala dries at some really nice rising fish. The river has come back nicely from the scouring that 90,000cfs did to it in the past. Still not quite the same as it was pre 97 flood from what I hear, but it keeps getting better! It was pretty barren a few years back after the most recent flood. Now, it seems like a lot more resident fish and plant and bug life. Hopefully this river can have some sustained stability, if it does it will become one of the better fisheries in the state and not some sterile, gravel chute like it was after the floods.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mid Winter

Had a fun guide trip on the Truckee the day after Christmas. Stomping through the snow to the holes took more energy than normal, but it was worth it to get the fix. Fishing was pretty good once we got down to the water too! Jake hooked about five and landed four. He handed me the rod as we were leaving and told me to make a few casts. I hooked a couple little guys, then I let them shake loose so I wouldn't have to dip my hand in the water. We then headed back to the car for some much needed warmth and snacks.