Friday, June 18, 2010


Took my guys out to the LT for the morning. Got too crowded for our taste so we went to the river and caught just as many fish there as the LT, in less time. What did we get them on? A foam ant fished in the seams behind some split shot. Haha. Saw one other angler on the other side of the river, but we had plenty of room so it worked out fine. The Truckee is a truly amazing fishery if you're willing to go out there and try to learn her mysteries. SO many anglers get stuck in their comfort zone that is the Little Truckee and really limit themselves as anglers. This time of year there's so many rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds out there that are fishing well or just starting to fish with trout that haven't seen flies in months. Hopefully I can spark a little fire in the people reading this and you guys get out there and explore, cause there is no time better than the present. Good luck in your early summer adventures!

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