Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6 Must-Have Early Summer Truckee Patterns

In anticipation of the Truckee coming down to productive fishing levels, (maybe less than a week if we are lucky...) I thought I could share my 6 favorite early summer patterns for the Truckee. These flies will give you the best shots at fish, and I will do everything short of guaranteeing hook-ups. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Flav-Green Drake Sprout Emerger-Once the G.D.s start hatching,
you will want to have this fly in your quiver.

2. Burk's Hunchback Green Drake- Certainly the best G.D. nymph for the Truckee.

3. Barr's Jumbo John- A juicy looking fly that will get down to the fish in fast runs.

4. Mercer's Micro Mayfly- Big fish eat little things...

5. Chernobyl Ant- May not be as productive as the nymphs, but will certainly be more fun.

6. Stanley Streamer- Gotta give it to the boss, this fly always produces big fish--especially when they start planting fish on the Nevada side. (The fly is still in the Brown's mouth)

Thanks for reading, and make sure to stop by the Reno Fly Shop to pick up these must have early summer Truckee patterns, we might even show you a few more. -JM


  1. little typo Jake, you wrote 7 flies in the article about your 6 favorite flies.

  2. Always looking out for me Dan...It has been fixed.-JM