Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last night I had two clients hook three browns around 24" in the same run in a 5 minute window. Two were broken off on avoidable rocks and one just sheared the tippet. They were completely random and I'm not quite sure why three fish of that size were in there, but when a guide says "GET THAT ROD UP" listen to the man, hes not trying to sell you real estate, he's trying to help you catch fish. We still ended up catching a good number of smaller to medium size fish, but lost the ones we really wanted. Feelin' heartbroken today. Some days I wonder why I do this, but most days it's as plain and obvious as the smile on my face. It was still a good outing, I think I'm just too caught up in helping people catch the"fish of their year" or the "fish of their life." The next time I'm with some friends and were thinking of what to toast to, its going to,

"the ones that were caught and the ones that got away"


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